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How to get your driving licence in Iceland

The first step is to choose a driving teacher and driving school and then apply for a study permit from the nearest district commissioner. You can find the form here There you need to submit this form and pay for the driver's license. Eyðublaðið er hér. Then you can have your first practical driving lesson. We recommend combination of theoretical knowledge (driving school 1) and practical lessons .Hér er listi yfir ökukennara.

Who can study at

Everyone is welcome to study at our school. It is completely online and open 24/7. So you can study when it fits your time schedule.

We offer education for category B driving licence, A, A1,A2 categories for motorcycle driving licence. We are very proud of our Read-speaker assistance.

You can listen to the study material to make it easier for dyslexic students to assimilate the teaching material and then text being read also lit's up while read.

Does it matter which driving teacher I plan to take the practical lessons from?

No it does not matter at all. We welcome everyone to our school and are willing to help you in any way we can.

All students should choose on their own where they want to take the theoretical knowledge (driving school 1&2).

Hér er listi yfir ökukennara.

Why is cheaper than other driving schools?

We are proud to be able to offer ambitious and high quality theoretical knowledge at a reasonable price and we do not pay driving teachers a fee for recommending us. Fair trade is our mission along with quality education in a modern online platform for education.

Does have all the licence requirements

Yes. The Icelandic Transport Authority does not authorize the operation of driving schools unless strict conditions are met.

Our students generally do very well in written exams at Frumherji.

Surveys also show that our students are very satisfied with the study material, the teaching method and overall our online services.

We never sleep and are available for you almost 24/7 365 d/y*. We can help you via facebook or messenger or emails.

*If you contact us during the night or on public holidays, you might have to wait a few hours until we answer you.

Various payment options

We except all types of cards, credit og debit and we use a secure payment services at Valitor. You can also pay with Netgiro, by using these apps: Pay, Kass, Aur or by a bank transfer.

How does work?

For our online courses, you'll be able to log on your area. Access your sessions and work on them when it is most convenient for you.

Driving school 1 has six session and you are allowed to complete one per day and the entire course within 30 days according to the rules of the Icelandic Transport Authority

The course consists of reading material, pictures, videos and assignments.

When and where can I study at

Our students can sign up to our online courses and study anywhere and anytime. The course is conducted on the internet and the student must use computer, tablet or smartphones and of course an internet access. The course will be available immediately once the payment for the course has been received. By cards and Netgiro right away, by apps and bank transfer in a short while. Make sure to send us an email along with the payment procedure.

Our website is fully compatible with all smart devices.

What happens when I complete my course at

When the student has completed the course, a confirmation sticker will be mailed to the address given to us at registration form in the beginning. Make sure the address is correct and change it, if you move to another home.

The confirmation sticker must be pasted into driving instruction book.

A person who completes course for A-rights or AM-rights may be sent a driving study book with confirmation that the theoretical part of the study has been completed.

When can I begin?

If you are planning to take a driving test, you can begin your driving education on your 16th birthday. If you are going to study on a light motorcycle (skellinöðru), you can begin three months before your 15th birthday. If you are going to study on a heavy motorcycle (A, A1 or A2 rights), you can begin three months before the birthday (17 for A1, 19 for A2 and 24 for A).

Can I get help?

Yes of course. We are here for you at most times of the day. By calling 7931700 or sending an e-mail to [email protected].

You will find us on facebook and instagram too. We would love to get a like from you.

Where can I get the vehicle magnet bumper for practical driving?

You will receive the vehicle magnet bumper by post when you complete driving school 1 at

You can also buy another magnet from us, if you loose yours or want another one.

For ISK. 1,500, - with shipping costs. suitable for ADHD or dyslexic students?

Yes, is particularly suitable for these groups.

You can have all texts read out loud by a text-reader and the text lits up when read. You can also adjust the speed of the reading

Can I view the course in other languages?

Yes, our teaching website offers language translation in up to 18 foreign languages.

Please note that this may support or assist you to understand better in your language, but is not a certified translation.

I need to get a driving assessment before applying for the complete drivers licence
I want to learn how to drive a motorcycle

Then you are in the right place. You can actually start at 19, but then you get A2 licenses that allows you to drive a motorcycle with a power of up to 48 horsepower regardless of engine capacity (cc). Once you have had A2 rights for two years, you can return to a practical test and upgrade your rights to A rights that are unlimited. Everyone who starts studying at the age of 24 or older can get the A license. If you are 17 - 19 years old, there is a possibility of A1 rights, but they are limited to a 125 cubic centimeter machine. You can start today, most people start by taking the theoretical course, complete it and then take the theoretical exam at Frumherji, then go to class with the teacher and then directly to the practical exam.

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