Privacy Policy & General information

During internet usage, a small text file is placed on users' computers or other smart devices when a website is visited for the first time. Those text files are called cookies.

While visiting the website, a cookie is downloaded by the user's web browser and used by the website to monitor how users navigate the website, in order to provide better service.

The website submits certain types of data to users' browsers in order to facilitate users' access to various functions.

How uses cookies:

If the user accepts the terms and conditions of regarding the use of cookies, that user grants permission to:

  • store and submit data about the number of users and how often the website is visited,
  • authenticate users who have logged into the website and customize search functions and services to users in accordance with the authentication,
  • promote and implement improvements to the website's services, by obtaining data about how it is used. also uses Google Analytics from Google. Google Analytics is a digital marketing tool. Google Analytics also provides progress reports for websites, but no distinction is made between individual users. Google Analytics uses its own cookies to monitor user interactions with the website. In this regard, sets conditions for how ads can be displayed to users via Google's marketing system. Should the user not wish to see such ads, they can disable the use of cookies.

Disabling cookies

Users can always set their web browsers to disable the use of cookies, so that they are not stored, or to have the web browser require the user's authorization. However, this may reduce access to certain pages on the website, as well as related services.

How long do cookies last on users' computers/smart devices?

Cookies may be stored on users' devices for up to 24 months, from the time the user last visited the website.

How manages personal data

All personal data generated by the use of cookies will be handled in accordance with data protection regulations. declares that such data will not be used for purposes other than those stated above. Furthermore, that data will not be retained longer than is necessary for processing purposes. Users' personal data will not be shared with third parties, unless otherwise required by law.

Course Page - intranet

By using the course page, the student confirms that they have submitted an application for a learning permit to the District Commissioner and have completed at least one practical driving lesson with a driving instructor (Category B license).

When a student logs in to the course page, the website will collect data about that student and log their study progress. When registering for a course, at the end of each session, and at the end of each course, the driving instructor for the student in question receives an email about that student's study progress at is obliged to submit such information according to the Icelandic Transport Authority's regulations on driving lessons in distance learning. does not share this information with other parties, unless required by law.